Careers & Post 18 Choices

Students are supported in their decisions regarding careers, training and future study pathways through a robust schedule of Information, Advice and Guidance that is delivered in-house and is designed to build on their experience at KS3 and KS4.

Students are afforded the opportunity to attend an annual HE Conference at the end of Year 12 whereby they gain access to over 100 education and training providers. This information is consolidated through an intensive destinations process during which time students are supported in the completion of applications to secure university places, Apprenticeships and paid employment. This is further consolidated through online support; the material on the Sixth Form Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) allows students to continue their research and planning independently. Additionally, students attend a careers fayre with representatives from more than 20 vocational fields and training providers including banking and finance, retail and merchandising, advertising and hospitality.

The Sixth Form Team works closely with all students to support them with their individual career aspirations and training needs along with all relevant external agencies and has built up a positive track record in ensuring that our students are successful in securing their first choice destination.

Please see below for useful links

Applying to university - this is the first stop for those considering university or looking to find out more information. The answers to virtually all your university queries can be found here. Spend a good amount of time browsing the information. We recommend that parents look at the pages specifically for them.

This is a very good source of advice that can be trusted. You can use it to help choose your university, get advice on personal statements and so forth.

This is another useful site for comparing universities. You can enter a subject, your predicted grades and get a list of recommendations. There are also very helpful statistics on each university so making comparisons is very easy.

These are very clear, easy to use league tables. Find out the top universities for each subject. If you are a subscriber you can see a similar guide on The Times website.

This is an alternative guide, giving information on all aspects of University and comparisons between Universities. You’ll need to buy the book or subscribe to get the full picture.

The University and college open day directory. The booking online section is useful.

Student Finance - Go to ‘Education and Learning’ and then ‘University and Higher Education’. This is the best site for finding out about how much it costs to go to University, for students and parents. There’s also good general advice on why go to university and how to choose a university. There is also information about Apprenticeships and the 16-19 Bursary Fund.

Lots of useful advice for both prospective and current students. This is also where all of the information from the Student Finance England website will now be stored, so for lots of information on student finance look at the finance page here.

Look here for scholarships that are available for different courses.

This is for nurses, chiropodists, physiotherapists, radiographers etc. Dentists and doctors will also need to use this site but only in the latter stages of your training.

If you are thinking of applying to Oxford this is the university of Oxford’s website, providing clear information about what they are looking for. Particularly interesting are the video clips showing admissions interviews.

If you are thinking of applying to Cambridge this is their website which also provides clear information about what they are looking for.

Details about many of the admissions tests that many of Oxford and Camridges courses require applicants to sit.

Click on ‘careers advice’ to find out what sort of jobs graduates do in all different subject areas.

The Russell Group’s most recent publication explores how our universities provide the ideal learning environment for students to flourish, how they support students to get the most from the education on offer and how they give graduates the best chance of success in the wider world.

A wealth of information about apprenticeships, types of apprenticeships and traineeships and how to apply.

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The Apprenticeship Guide gives free online access to loads of useful information about apprenticeships, general careers advice, direct links to employers and training providers that offer apprenticeships, real life stories and much more.

Latest list of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships

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