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‘For every student to leave their education equipped with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to make informed career choices.’

Careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) at Prince William School is incorporated into all year to stimulate students’ interests in life and the world of work.

We aim to prepare students for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences they may encounter in the future so that they have the ambition, resilience and respect to reach their full potential.

Prince William School is committed to ensuring that our community has up to date information on the current labour market so that our students can make informed decisions about the type of careers they want to aim for. For labour market information in the South East Midlands area as well as information on different employment sectors, apprenticeships and careers related news, please click here.

Careers Lead Mark Cooper
Careers Advisor Kate Allen
Line management Kim Homard-Roy

Parents - if you would like to download a magazine aimed at helping you to help your children please see Careermag here. This magazine is issued three times a year.

Students - if you would like to download a magazine aimed at helping you prepare for life after school, please see Careermag here.  

To view our Career Guidance Policy click here.

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