Our curriculum at Key Stage 3 has been designed to allow our students the prospect of building empathy towards people in different lifestyles and situations through the literature they study and specifically the characters and themes that they focus on. 

Through English Language, students broaden their understanding of the real world, which compels students to approach their study of the world from a viewpoint that is wider than their immediate sphere of understanding. 

As students move into Key Stage 4, these skills are refined and built upon through the close study of the set texts we have chosen, to best allow our students the opportunity to explore language and literature critically. Students will apply learned knowledge, articulate their own interpretations of texts and the issues contained therein, in varied written form and through debate and personal expression, through the Spoken Language Endorsement. 

Our Key Stage 5 curriculum, which, while it is heavily influenced by the specifications we are bound to adhere to, has been considered closely to ensure that the range and breadth of discussion and evaluation it inspires is meaningful and one with prospect for personal growth and developing the literary critic inside every student. Students at Key Stage 5 are further encouraged to develop skills that will prepare them for their choices beyond A Level, whether that be in pursuing Higher Education or the world of employment. 

Students are directed towards super-curricular and extra-curricular material to develop their independence, improve scholarly written expression, broaden their capacity for academic reading and enhance confidence. 

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