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Please click the links below for information and advice about your future.

In this site you can take a questionnaire to establish aspects of your personality and the areas of work that are suitable with these aspects of your personality. 

You can find out more about these areas of work using this site but you cannot access the videos in school. You will be able to access them at home.


In this site there is a different type of questionnaire. Once completed there will be low, medium and high matches to different areas of work. You can then find out more about work within these areas.


This site will allow you to search for specific careers as well as finding out the entry requirements and the qualifications needed to reach those entry requirements.


‘TARGETcareers Guide to your Future’ – this is an informative and easy to read guide to all the pathways open to you once you leave school.


This guide is written by young people for young people to help explore the range of options that are open post 16.


Please explore this site to gain information about different careers opportunities.


Use this link to compare the average wages, working hours and predicted trends for up to three UK jobs



University study

Degree subject guides

Find out what it’s like to study different subjects at university, their typical entry  requirements, whether they would suit you and what careers they might lead to.



Choices about university

Get advice on choosing what and where to study for your degree, including how to make choices that are good for your future career.



Applying for university

Discover how to write a strong UCAS statement, perform well at university interviews or succeed in the Clearing process.



Apprenticeships and sponsored degrees

Alternatives to traditional university study

Get an overview of choices at 18 that combine earning and learning, including apprenticeships of different levels, sponsored degrees and similar programmes.



Apprenticeships explained in-depth



Choosing between work and university

UCAS connects people to University, post Uni studies including teacher training, apprenticeships & internships. Find all the information for your next step.



Get help weighing up whether traditional university study or taking an apprenticeship, sponsored degree or similar would be the best choice for you.



Career choices

Careers - BBC Bitesize

Whether you’re deciding what to study, taking your exams, planning a career, or just curious, we’re here to explain the world of work, with advice from people who've found the right path for them.



Choosing your career

Start here if you don’t yet have specific careers in mind and want help generating ideas.



Types of career

Get detailed information on 12 key career areas, including what they involve, the different jobs available, how much they pay, how to get into them and whether they would suit you.



A–Z of jobs

Find job descriptions and information on entry routes for specific jobs with this A–Z.



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