School Uniform

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students. Uniform is compulsory for all Main School students who must arrive equipped for learning.

We have recently reviewed our school uniform to ensure it is appropriate and affordable for families.

We have reduced the number of uniform items that need to feature the school logo so parents can purchase more items from supermarkets. Our uniform is also gender-neutral and girls are welcome to wear trousers.

The PWS-branded uniform items are available online from Total Clothing Ltd, Peterborough. 

There are three ways to purchase your school uniform:

  • Orders can be placed online via the web shop and delivered to home addresses. 
  • Order your school uniform online and collect from our CLICK AND COLLECT point at the back of our shop DURING OUR OPENING HOURS.
  • Buy direct from our shop. 

No appointment is necessary. 

Exchanges can be made before back to school, either in our shop or the post. (please allow 10 working days for exchanges to be processed.)

Our address: No 9 Botolph Trading Estate, Oundle Road, Peterborough, Cambs PE2 9QP (next to Calma baby). Tel: 01733 394758. Email:


  • Prince William School blazer - Purple blazer with the school logo, purchase from the school supplier. To be worn at all times, unless permission to remove from member of staff
  • Prince William School tie - Purchase from the school’s supplier. Proper tie knot with the school logo visible directly underneath the knot.
  • White shirt - This can be long sleeved or short sleeved, but must have a collar which can hold a tie.
  • Light grey trousers or Prince William School purple tartan kilt-  Trousers are standard trouser material. Can be purchased from all major retailers. Not charcoal grey. Denim, corduroy or Lycra materials are not permitted. Tight fitting trousers are not permitted. The kilt can only be purchased from the school supplier and must be worn knee-length and not rolled over at the waistband.
  • Plain black/dark socks or plain black/dark tights - Not to be vividly coloured, nor patterned. Fishnet style tights not permitted
  • Black shoes - Smart and sensible plain black leather shoes of a type that need to be polished. Trainers, and shoes that look like trainers e.g. Nike Airforce, are not acceptable.
  • Prince William School V-Neck jumper or tank top - These are optional items and can only be purchased from the school supplier.
  • Jewellery - students may wear a wrist watch and one pair of simple stud earrings, one in each ear lobe.  No other jewellery or piercing is allowed. 
  • Make-up, nails, and hair – a discreet level of make-up is allowed. If a student is wearing too much, they will be asked to remove it. Hair may only be of a natural colour and extreme hairstyles are not allowed in school.  Nail extensions and nail varnish are not allowed in school and students will be asked to remove them. 
  • Hoodies – Students may not wear a hooded jersey material top at school.  These will be confiscated if seen.

Students not adhering to the uniform policy will be isolated until they do so.

PE kit

Students can wear either branded PE kit or non-branded PE kit, as listed below, for PE lessons. 

Students who compete in PWS teams at sporting fixtures with other schools will be expected to wear the branded kit.  Second-hand kit will be supplied for this by the school as necessary.

  • Purple and white round neck T-shirt (from school supplier) or plain black round neck T-shirt
  • Black and purple shorts or skort (from school supplier) or plain black football shorts
  • Plain black sports leggings (available with school logo from school supplier if desired)
  • Black game socks with purple turnover (from school supplier) or plain black football socks
  • Purple and white reversible rugby shirt (from school supplier)
  • Trainers and boots
  • Shin pads (compulsory for football / hockey) – available form school supplier or sports shops
  • Gum guards (compulsory for rugby / hockey) - available form school supplier or sports shops
  • Optional:  base layer tops and bottoms – must be plain black
  • Optional: purple and white ¼ zip outdoor fleece (from school supplier)

Religious clothing

Prince William School allows students to wear various headdresses that are required due to religious observance, including the hijab, skullcap and turban. These can be worn in addition to the full school uniform. The main school uniform may not be replaced by alternative religious clothing. Any headdress that is to be worn due to religious observance must be black.


Students will require the following basic equipment for every lesson:

  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • ID badge

However, they may also find it very beneficial to have 

  • Scientific calculator
  • Coloured pencils
  • Compass and protractor
  • English dictionary and thesaurus

The Finance Office operates a shop from which the above items can be bought throughout the school year.

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