Our vision and values

Vision: Learning for Life

The vision for Prince William School is to provide our students with learning which will support them throughout their lives. We aim to nurture a passion for learning by enriching their learning experiences, and raise their aspirations by providing them with the qualifications, knowledge and skills they need to be successful in adult life.

We want to create confident, resilient adults who have an ambition for self-improvement, are able to compete equally with their peers in a world beyond school life, but are also respectful and have a mature sense of citizenship and responsibility.  We aim to provide an education that prepares students for the adult world of work, not only by enabling them to attain qualifications that allow them to follow their career aspirations successfully, but also by equipping them with an aptitude for life-long learning.  We recognise that they will need to be able to continue to learn new skills and acquire new knowledge throughout their working lives.  Additionally, we aim to foster a love of learning that will remain with the students for the rest of their lives. 

Learning is for life: life-changing, life-enriching, and life-long.

Core Values: Respectful, Ambitious, Resilient

We want all our students to be Respectful of themselves, of each other, of staff, of the school and of the community. There should be no prejudice, no unpleasant comments, no bullying, so everyone can feel safe and happy.  Students should all try their hardest all the time to be the best they can be, because they respect themselves, and there should be no disruption to lessons because they respect others.  If students respect the school, there should be no litter, no vandalism, and no damage to toilets; and if students respect their community there should never be any complaints about our students behaving badly in the town or on the school buses. 

We want all our students to be Ambitious to achieve their potential, ambitious to be the best they can be at everything they do.  We want them to understand that achieving well is something to be pleased about, that they should be proud of their achievements, and they should also celebrate the achievements of others.  We want them to be ambitious for Prince William School and everyone in it; to be proud of the school and proud to be a member of it.

We want all our students to be Resilient, to keep trying, and to learn to ‘bounce back’ from errors and disappointments.  We want them to know that making mistakes is an essential part of learning, and of life, and to accept that we all need to learn to cope with difficult times and stressful situations.  We want them to be able to face difficult situations with increasing strength and confidence, because they will need to be able to do this throughout their lives.

As a school we are committed to providing a relevant, meaningful and enjoyable curriculum which is accessible to all and complimented by enriching extra-curricular opportunities.  We aim to ensure all students have high expectations of themselves and are supported to be able to meet, and even exceed, those ambitions. We expect them to be aspirational, hard-working, resilient, respectful of others, and to develop the skills they need to for the adult world of work.

These principles are summed up in The Prince William Way:

  • be respectful of everyone in the school,
  • be on time,
  • have planners and equipment out on the desk every lesson,
  • allow everyone to learn
  • be open to new or different learning activities,
  • try, keep trying; and in trying, accept that it is OK to get it wrong,
  • respond positively to feedback and advice,
  • be honest about what they understand and what they need more help with,
  • prepare for their future by developing their key skills,
  • become an independent learner for life.


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