Useful Website Links

General Revision Websites

There are plenty of apps and websites that can help make revision easier. Here are some we recommend.

Get Revising: Get revising has thousands of revision documents. The documents include electronic flash cards, mind maps and revision notes.

Quizlet: Quizlet is designed to help students practise and master whatever they're learning. Quizlet provides engaging and customisable activities such as quizzes and flashcards.

Gojimo: Gojimo provides revision content and revision tools that are specific to particular examining bodies. So you can get revision material for specific subjects and exam boards.

Seneca Learning: Seneca homework & revision platform applies cognitive neuroscience to make learning more efficient and enjoyable. Seneca's algorithms are adaptive and personalise your revision to your abilities, prior knowledge and performance.

Memrise: Memrise is a language platform that uses spaced repetition of flashcards to increase the rate of learning. Also, Memrise offers user-generated content on a wide range of other subjects.

Subjects will have a lot of revision resources already saved to the Shared Documents area. Access through RM Unify.

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