Revision tips - how to support your child

At Prince William School we understand the importance of revision for the successful completion of exams. 

Revision is a vital part of preparation for school GCSE and A-level exams.

To help our students revise we have made available some general tips.

Exam advice - Tips for students


  • Remember that nervousness is normal and will give your brain extra adrenalin which will help you make that final effort.
  • If your mind goes blank at any stage, do not panic!  Turn the paper over and take a couple of deep breaths.  There will be some of the paper that you can do, so re-read it again – slowly and calmly!
  • Remind yourself of the exam structure.  READ the instructions and skim through the paper before you start to write!
  • If appropriate, spend 5 minutes at the start of the exam writing down any key formulae, facts or quotes that you are going to need so that you will not forget them or leave them out.
  • Make and keep to a timescale for each question depending on the number of marks awarded.  DO NOT spend too long on one question – you can come back to it if you have time.
  • Allow a few minutes at the end of the exam to check through your work and make any changes.


Many parents feel at a loss when their children enter their examination years, but your involvement during Year 11 can make an enormous difference, the difference between success and failure.

The School has an important role to play and can provide the teaching and resources to help your child acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to do the best in each subject.  Unfortunately for us, from the teenage perspective, interest and effort in education and the long-term benefits these can bring often come quite low on their priority list.  This is where you come in.  You are the expert on your child and your support, encouragement and interest can make a huge difference to your child’s motivation and ability to cope with the demands of their final GCSE year.

Your role may include some or all of the following:

  • Making sure your child understands the importance of making the most of lesson times.
  • Providing the tools for homework and revision; a quiet space to work and a “workbox” of pens, paper and other necessities.
  • Showing a positive interest in your son / daughter’s school work and helping with homework (but not doing it for them), testing them when they ask you etc.
  • Advising your child on how they can break tasks down so that they are manageable, keeping a subtle eye on progress and celebrating achievements, and seeing a positive way forward when things go badly!
  • Agree the rules for homework, coursework and revision.
  • Helping make a realistic timetable, balancing work against the “fun stuff” and revising the plans as necessary.
  • Acting as a go-between for your child and the School when necessary.  Make sure problems are nipped in the bud and ask the questions that your child can not or will not.
  • Providing information: finding copies of old exam papers, searching out websites.

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