Personal Development Profile

One of the most important success measures for any Sixth Form student is achieving the necessary entry requirements for post 18 provisions, be that entry to an higher apprenticeship, university, work based placement or full time employment.

However, academic results alone won’t ensure success in selection processes, higher level study and an ensuing career.  Here, softer, personal skills will come to the fore; the ability to present, communicate and negotiate, understand team dynamic, manage risk, socialise, empathise, problem solve, be creative, flexible, motivated and resilient, will be crucial factors.  Such skills, coupled with excellent examination results, will make Prince William School Sixth Formers extremely employable.

The Personal Development Profile (PDP) will provide the framework through which all Sixth Form students will plan for and then achieve their best possible examination outcomes, while also maximising gains made in the development of their personal skill sets. This framework also builds upon the employability skills you developed throughout years 7 to 11.  

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