High standards of conduct are expected from all members of the Sixth Form.

As the most senior students in the school, lower school students look to the Sixth Form to set the standard where this is concerned.

We have extremely high expectations for student attendance with targets being at least 97%. Low attendance increases the risk of under-performance. Attendance will be measured across four categories; single subject, whole curriculum, registration and punctuality. Where students miss lessons without cause, it is expected that time will be made up from an allocated study period in order that the work missed is completed.

Sixth Form Students are required to dress smartly, and our expectations reflect those that employers have of their staff in most business environments. In their leadership roles as the most senior students in the school, we insist on high standards of appearance and for them to be easily recognisable within and beyond our school community.

It cannot be stressed enough that the transition from GCSE to Sixth Form study is significant and, if not approached with the right attitude, can impact upon student progress. One of the biggest changes students will notice is the requirement to work more independently. This is not to be mistaken for the completion of homework or other teacher set tasks. As well as the requirement to complete homework as set, all students are also encouraged to adopt a regime of completing independent reading and research, reviewing notes, revising work already completed and preparing for up and coming lessons. Post-16 study requires students to demonstrate their own understanding of a topic and will very often ask them to apply their knowledge in different ways rather than test that which can be memorised or learned by rote.

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