Year 11

Course Completion Work for Students in Year 11

As school closed before exam leave would have officially started for Year 11 students, there may be some course content which was not fully completed.  Some students may feel that it would be beneficial for their future study for them to cover the entire course content. 

Below are links to pieces of work that your teachers would have covered in the remaining time left on the course should we not have been closed early. This work is optional and does not form any basis for teachers to award a grade. It has been provided by your teachers where they felt some completion of the GCSE course could be useful.

If this optional work is something you would like to undertake in order to consolidate your understanding and knowledge please undertake the relevant work. Should you wish to have feedback on the content then please email to your subject teacher. Please note that your teacher has been asked only to check for factual details and provide support and feedback on understanding; they will not grade this work.

  • Art

    If you wish to consolidate your work around the NEA part of the Art specification then you can work on observational studies. You should make detailed studies, concentrating on accuracy/tone/form/perspective of a variety of objects, natural and man-made. You should try a range of media and materials eg pencil, pen, ink, paint, crayon, collage, pastels and papers, tissue, brown wrapping paper, corrugated card etc

    If you have any question then please don’t hesitate to contact us

    Miss Worboys and Mrs Richardson

  • Careers

    Below is some useful work for Year 11 on financial matters - it is designed to help you in considering apprenticeships or university as well as getting you to think about how payslips work. Also below is the digital copy of 'Your Money Matters' which you will need to complete the tasks.

    If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me

    Mr Cooper

    Understanding Finance Post 16

    Your Money Matters

  • Computer Science

    The course content was not fully completed due to school closure. We did some of this last year but briefly and resources have been updated.

    1.7 System Software

    At least, watch the videos:

    1.7.1a Operating system software - CnD video

    1.7.2a Utility system software - CnD video

    If you can, look at the Presentations and worksheets in:

    W:\ICT\Year 10\GCSE Computer Science\1.7 System Software

    which have been updated.

    Any questions please email me.

    Mr Croft

  • Science with Mr Poole: 11SAC and 11SBF

    I hope that you enjoyed Easter and I’m sorry that I will not be seeing you again in the immediate future due to COVID 19 restrictions Please find attached references for Biology OCR Combined science B6.3

    We were unable to cover all of this module last term. For each of the 4 sections you will find reference to a source of information in the form of text, and/or video clip and /or slides. At the end of each section there is a short test to which you can access the answers afterwards. 

    What do I need to do? 

    View all the materials for each section. The slides provide an overview of all sections. Complete the answers to the questions online. Then mark them online and make a note of the score and the total marks available. At the end of all sections e-mail your marks to Mr Poole by e-mail.

    How long should this take me? 

    Each section will take you 1 week

    What resources might I need and where can I find them? 

    There are links to all resource references

    Where do I do the work? 

    Complete the questions on the slides on A4 lined papers. Keep a copy of your answers in a folder 

    What do I submit to the teacher?

    Scores from the online tests. (record separately in four sections)

    Pathogen Powerpoint

    Monitoring and maintaining health 6.3

    Communicable diseases - View above powerpoint slides entitled ‘Pathogens’

    Curing and preventing non communicable diseases

    Cancer and cardiovascular disease – non communicable

    Monitoring and maintaining health – non communicable 

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries

    Mr Poole 

  • Science with Mrs Hepworth: 11SAC and 11SBF

    To help consolidate your Physics understanding then please complete the following:

    • Go onto the Kerboodle 'Combined Science Physics' textbook and read the last two sections which are P6.1 'Physics on the move' pages 164 -171 and P6.2 'Powering Earth' pages 172-182. Complete the questions.
    • Look at the tutorials on You Tube for these sections. One good one is 'The whole of Gateway Physics paper 2 revision; Science and Maths by Primrose Kitten' (from 14.50 to 28.05 minutes).

    Email me if you have any questions about the work set

    Mrs Hepworth

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