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Exam Information

This page will contain information throughout the year relating to public examinations (GCSE and A Levels), and in-school examinations (mock exams).  

Examination timetables are published here ahead of examination periods. 

Exam Contingency Day – 24 June 2020

For the Summer 2020 exam series a contingency exam day has been arranged by the examination awarding bodies. This contingency day for GCSE and/or A Level (or equivalent) examinations has been put in place “in the event of widespread, sustained national or local disruption to examinations during the June 2020 examination series.” 

The Joint Council for Qualifications have decided that they need the option to postpone an exam in the event of an incident and rearrange for a later date to allow all students a fair and equal chance. 

The date that has been set aside as the contingency day is Wednesday 24 June 2020. This means that all exam candidates must be available to sit exams from the date of their first exam until Wednesday 24 June 2020. This decision is not a school decision and applies to all candidates in all schools nationally.

Information Documents for Candidates

For students following GCSE, A Level and other publicly examined courses the following documents should be read and understood by the student in advance of any examinations: 

Coursework 2020 - Information for candidates 
Non-examination assessments 2020 - Information for candidates  
On-screen tests 2020 - Information for candidates 
Privacy Notice 2020 - Information for Candidates
Social media 2020 - Information for candidates   
Written exams 2020 - Information for candidates  

GCSE Exams have changed to 9 – 1 grades. Here is a video which explains these changes.

For further information, click here.

A copy of our “Internal Appeals Procedure” concerning assessment of work can be found at the bottom of this page.  

Supportive Web Links

Get Revising 
Stress Busting 

Mock Exams

Mock exams are a useful tool for students, teachers and parents to measure how well students are progressing in their studies. It allows students an opportunity to work under exam-like conditions and to test how well their revision strategies are working.

For schools it is a useful indication of how likely a student is to achieve a certain grade in the “real” exams and therefore a benchmark on whether to appeal a set of results in the summer. For Year 12 and Year 13 students wishing to applying to University, mock exams will determine UCAS grades.

Therefore, students are expected to revise for the mock exams and undertake mock exams in exam-like conditions.

Information for students and parents on examinations, results days and post-results can be found at the bottom of this page.  

Mock Exam Dates

Year 13 Mocks 1 - Monday 4 November 2019 to Wednesday 13 November 2019
  Mocks 2 – Monday 09 March 2020 to Friday 20 March 2020
Year 12 Tuesday 21 April 2020 to Friday 24 April 2020
Year 11 Mocks 1 – Monday 25 November 2019 to Friday 06 December 2019
  Mocks 2 – Monday 24 February 2020 to Friday 06 March 2020
Year 10 Monday 15 June 2020 to Friday 26 June 2020
Year 9 Monday 15 June 2020 to Friday 19 June 2020
Year 8 Monday 8 June 2020 to Friday 12 June 2020
Year 7 Monday 1 June 2020 to Friday 5 June 2020

Please note
1)    An exam timetable will be published prior to each year mock exam so that students have sufficient time to revise.
2)    The start date and end date may be extended to allow for practical exams to take place.

Public Exam Dates

(The timetable can be found in the Downloads section at the bottom of this page)

GCSE:  11 May 2020 to 18 June 2020
A Level:  11 May 2020 to 23 June 2020

Results Day 2020

A Level / AS Level / BTEC & WJEC Level 3:                      Thursday 13 August 2020 09:00-11:00 in the Sports Hall
GCSE / Cambridge National / BTEC Level 1 & 2: Thursday 20 August 2020 09:00-11:00 in the Sports Hall

Should you wish to nominate a person to pick up exam results on your behalf on results day, please complete the form located in the downloads section at the bottom of this page and return to the Exams Office at school by Wednesday 15 July 2020.

Post Results 2020

Following the publication of results for each examination series, the exam boards offer a range of post-results services relating to reviews of marking and access to examination scripts. 

Services include:

Service Type What happens?
1 Clerical Check The adding up of marks is checked.
2 Review of Marking The exam paper is checked to make sure it was marked correctly according to the mark scheme. Marks are changed if the new examiner feels there has been a clear marking error. 
3 Access to Script (original) You get your original exam paper back, but cannot ask for a review of marking afterwards.
4 Priority Review of Marking

The exam paper is checked in a shorter timeframe to make sure it was marked correctly according to the mark scheme. Marks are changed if the new examiner feels there has been a clear marking error. 

This can take up to 15 calendar days.
5 Priority Access to Script (copy)

You get a copy of your exam paper back quickly so you can decide whether to apply for a review of marking.

This can take up to 15 calendar days.

If you are unhappy with your results:

Please consult your subject teacher/head of department in the first instance, and also take a look at the grade boundaries for your subject and post results information (available on the exam boards’ websites).  If you wish to undertake a review of marking, please complete the form included in your results envelope and return it to school.  Copies of the forms are located in the downloads section at the bottom of this page. The forms detail the charges and deadlines for application.  There is a form for AS/A Level/Level 3, and a separate form for GCSE/BTEC L1 & L2.

External/Private Candidates for Summer 2020 Exams

If you would like to register as an external candidate at Prince William School please download the registration form from the bottom of this page and email to
Alternatively, registration forms can be collected from school.
Registrations received after the deadline of 31st January 2020 will be considered but may be subject to late fees charged by the exam board.


  1. Entry Fee: This amount is determined by the exam board, dependent on subject and level of exam being taken.
  2. Registration Fee: £50 per subject (non-refundable).
  3. Invigilation Fee:  £10 per hour of exam. 

Entry fees and exam times/length can be found on the exam board websites.


Page Downloads Date  
Exam Results Collection Letter Summer 2020 05th Sep 2019 Download
Private Candidate Info Entry Form 2019 20 05th Sep 2019 Download
GCSE Post Results Services Dates Fees 2020 01st Oct 2019 Download
Post Results Services Dates Fees Jan 2020 09th Jan 2020 Download
Summer 2020 Timetable Provisional 09th Jan 2020 Download
Exam Info for Students and Parents 2019 20 05th Feb 2020 Download
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