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It is our policy and the philosophy of the school that every member should be valued as an individual irrespective of attainment, talent or culture. We constantly strive towards fulfilling the school's aims and providing high standards of learning and teaching.

We will continue to develop the whole school approach to Special Education Needs and Disabilites (SEND) and uphold the right of every child to a full and balanced curriculum. It is our policy to support learning in curriculum areas as much as possible, and to help maintain an atmosphere where no individual's behaviour hampers another's learning or that of their own.

The SENDCo works with all teachers and the Teaching Assistants to provide for the individual learning needs of all students. Our SENDCo Mrs Anna Burdett, oversees this vital area of our work.


It is our policy that, as far as possible, support for students should be to address individual needs and be delivered within the mainstream classroom. Withdrawal should only be for a specified need for a limited time. Students will be re-integrated into the usual timetabling arrangements as quickly as possible. Only in exceptional circumstances will students be exempted from the National Curriculum.

We have a small team of staff who support students with SEND. Their role is to engage students, and ensure they are accessing the curriculum is an effective and productive manner.


The SEN team provides additional strategies and support for students who have been identified as having Special Educational Needs. In accordance with the SEN code of Practice (2015), children identified as having additional needs require provisions to be made that are “additional to and different from” the core provision of the academy.


Close links with feeder schools before a student starts at Prince William School. The SENCo visits each school in the summer term, meeting individuals and discussing transfer arrangements. Individual students are invited to visit Prince William School prior to New Intake Day in order to familiarise themselves with the school and ease the transfer. The SENCO, the SEND staff and the Pastoral Team liaise together to discuss individuals and prepare confidential lists of special needs for the information of all teaching staff.

Identification of need is assessed using a range of base line assessments such as baseline assessments when students start at PWS, Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs), end of Key Stage tests (SATs), progress data from the teachers and individual assessments carried out by the SEN team. Referrals for support from the SEN team can be made by teachers, parents/carers or students. Requests for outside professional support is made by the SENCO in accordance with the Code of Practice (2015).

We have a secure database available to all staff. This provides both up-to-date information about the learning needs of individual students and general information about specific barriers to learning.

In class support to help students access the curriculum

Support teachers, by working alongside students in class, helping to differentiate work and advising on the needs of individual students

Withdrawal sessions to develop a student`s literacy/numeracy skills using a selection of resources used in some circumstances

Use of The Hub to support student’s mental health and wellbeing, and improve attendance

Providing a reduced curriculum for certain students for whom the full curriculum is proving too much

Close and regular links with outside agencies, medical staff and other professionals

Careful advice and support for Transition at 11+, 16 + and 18+

Partnership with parents. We are committed to working in close co-operation with parents for the good of each student. Parents of students with special educational needs will be contacted and meetings arranged to discuss proposed provision. All parents are encouraged to contact the school as and when they have concerns. Parents of students with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) are always invited to annual review meetings in addition to the usual Parents' Evening.


  • Well-resourced teaching rooms
  • Small quiet rooms, for exams, individual work and visiting professionals
  • Accelerated Reader based in the library
  • ‘The Hub’, which is open and staffed from 8.15 and students, are encouraged to come and make use of the facilities and the one-to-one help available.  
  • Pastoral care for all SEND students
  • Asdan  - alternative to one GCSE course (Year 10/11)
  • Support lessons – alternative to GCSE course (year 10/11)
  • Homework support daily in The Hub
  • Reading Buddy Scheme
  • Sensory Circuits
  • Handwriting/Typing support
  • Key Worker for identified students


Mrs Anna Burdett

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator

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