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Covid catch-up funding

Posted on: 13/04/2021

 MG 1424Since the full re-opening of schools in March, we as Trust have been working hard to support our pupils on their return to school.

With the majority of pupils having missed much of the past year in the classroom and instead learning remotely, we are using a range of strategies to help them catch-up both academically and emotionally.

As a Trust, we have received around £340,000 in Covid catch-up funding from the Department for Education and we are using this funding creatively in a number of ways to ensure our pupils make good academic progress and to identify and address any behavioural issues.

These include:

  • Tutoring for small groups or one to one for pupils identified as needing additional support
  • Additional support staff provision to better support pupils
  • Easter and after-school booster classes in a range of subjects for secondary pupils
  • Additional support in English, maths and science for disadvantaged primary pupils
  • Outreach activities and teacher-led nurture clubs, offering yoga, mindful colouring, music and other activities to support emotional wellbeing

You can find out more about Prince William School's Covid catch-up funding strategy here.

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