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Designated senior person for safeguarding Mr A Kennedy
Deputy DSL Mrs J Giddings
Deputy DSL Ms Z Lewis
Deputy DSL Mrs K McGhee
Deputy DSL Mrs Z Dawson


PWS Safeguarding Policies

PWS Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

PWS Safeguarding Policy COVID Addendum


Our safeguarding commitment

We, at EMAT, believe that schools play a crucial role in teaching pupils about sex and relationships, equality and diversity and modern citizenship as well as preparing them for them for the modern world. This is enacted through each school’s culture, its curriculum, and all policies.  We aim to give all pupils and staff a voice enable them to act in a protective manner towards themselves and others.  This includes developing a roust whistle blowing culture as well as developing a culture of integrity and mutual respect.

We recognise that we have the responsibility of tackling sexual violence and harassment, instilling values in our stakeholders and encourage all to be driven by their strong moral compass.  Like so much of education, our work must complement that undertaken by parents and carers so that young people receive a consistent message and people can go about their lives free from harassment and abuse.

All of our school will continue to engage with their stakeholders, listen to their concerns and signpost necessary support provision within and beyond its schools. We ask that anyone who has experienced such behaviour, or who is suffering because of it, to report it to an appropriate adults either in the school or within the EMAT team so they can be supported, and steps can be taken to address the issue.

Should stakeholders wish to seek further support the NSPCC helpline number is 0800 136663.  Staff members can also seek support from Employee’s Assist 0800 0305 182.


If you think your child is suffering from bullying please contact the school.  The following links provide advice about how to support your child, especially from online/cyber bullying.

NHS - Bullying: Advise for Parents

NSPCC -Bullying and cyberbullying

Bullying UK- Advice for Parents

The Cybersmile Foundation

Children at PWS have a right of access to professional Youth Counselling through CHAT or Souster Youth in school. 


Souster Youth

We have collated  a list of support providers for both patents and students within the document Supportive Lines, this can be found at the bottom of this page.


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