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Summer 2020

On 12th August the Government announced a ‘triple lock’ system for grades where a student could potentially appeal against their result and use a valid mock exam result.  The school is waiting for Ofqual and the exam boards to issue further guidance and a process for this to happen.  This information is due to be released w/c 17 August.  This page will be updated once this information is provided.  In the meantime the current appeals process is detailed below.

If you have any other questions with regards to your results, please contact the Exams Officer by email:


Summer 2020 Results Information

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this summer’s results are being issued in a different way to previous years.  Please find information below regarding this.  As and when more guidance is issued by the relevant authorities, information will be added to this page.

Summer 2020 Grades

Methodology used to award GCSE and A level grades

GCE A, AS and GCSE level grades have been awarded by exam boards this summer through a methodology set by the regulators. Centres were asked to send exam boards two pieces of information for each subject. These were to be solely based on existing evidence:

  • Centre Assessment Grades – the grades they believed students were most likely to achieve in their examinations
  • Rank Orders – within each subject, the order of students, by performance, for each grade

The standardisation system also considers a school or colleges results over time and students’ prior attainment to determine whether the Centre Assessment Grades submitted were more generous or severe than predicted. This process allows for the standardisation of grades across schools and colleges to ensure that results are aligned across the cohort.  Please download Ofqual’s Student Guide to Results from the bottom of this page if you require any further information.

Differences between Centre Assessment Grades and final grades

It was not possible to standardise the way teachers generated their Centre Assessment Grades this summer, there simply was not the time. Instead, in the interests of fairness, it was necessary for exam boards to standardise the judgements of centres in order to make sure that, at a national level, grade distributions in summer 2020 were broadly in line with previous years.


Please see copies of the results collection letters below.


If you have a question or concern about your results please find a guide to the Summer 2020 appeals process below. There is an easy to follow results queries flow chart on this page.  Please also see Ofqual’s Student Guide to Results, and the Ofqual Student Guide to Appeals for further guidance.  These documents are available to download from the bottom of this page.  If and when more information is provided by Ofqual, the website will be updated.  

Autumn Exams

There will be a full series of GCE A, AS and GCSE in all subjects available in autumn 2020, however no BTEC exams will be available.  Exam timetables, entry forms and a list of entry fees are available to download from the bottom of this page.  Please note that the school will pay all invigilation and admin costs, however candidates are required to pay the exam board entry fee.

Entry and payment deadlines are as follows:

  • A Level/AS Level & Level 3:  Wednesday 02 September 2020
  • GCSE English Language and Maths:  Wednesday 30 September 2020
  • GCSE – all other subjects:  Wednesday 16 September 2020

Late entries will be considered, however they cannot be guaranteed and extra charges may apply.  If an exam board has had no entries for a subject after the deadline then exams in that subject will be withdrawn from the Autumn 2020 exam series.

GCSE English Language and GCSE Maths:

As in previous years, if you have achieved a grade 3 or under in GCSE English Language/Maths and will be a student at PWS Sixth Form then you will not have to pay any entry fees to sit these exams in Autumn 2020.  Entries for these exams will be dealt with by PWS Staff if they feel it is appropriate.

If you achieved a grade 4 or higher and will be a student at PWS Sixth Form and you wish to improve your grade, then you will need to pay the exam board entry fee and submit an entry form.

If you achieved a grade 3 or under and will not be a student at PWS, your new college/sixth form will be receiving funding for you to resit these exams with them so please check directly with them.  Please note not all colleges/sixth forms run a November exam series for GCSE English Language/Maths and you may need to wait until Summer 2021 to sit your exams with them.

The results dates for the Autumn 2020 exams are:

  • A Level/AS Level & Level 3:  Thursday 17 December 2020
  • GCSE English Language & GCSE Maths:  Thursday 14 January 2021
  • All other GCSE & Level 1/2 Subjects:  Thursday 11 February 2021


Certificates will be issued to candidates once received from the exam boards.  The arrangements for this will be communicated to students once this has been finalised.


Page Downloads Date  
Results day letter for Y11 07th Jul 2020 Download
Results day letter for Y13 07th Jul 2020 Download
Exam Results Collection Summer 2020 17th Jul 2020 Download
Ofqual Student Guide to Results v2 07th Aug 2020 Download
Ofqual Student Guide to Appeals 07th Aug 2020 Download
Autumn 2020 A Level Exam Timetable 11th Aug 2020 Download
Autumn 2020 Exam Entry Fees 11th Aug 2020 Download
Autumn 2020 Exam Entry Form 11th Aug 2020 Download
Autumn 2020 GCSE Exam Timetable 11th Aug 2020 Download
Summer 2020 Results and Appeals process v5 12th Aug 2020 Download
Summer 2020 Grade Queries Flow Chart v2 12th Aug 2020 Download
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