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Assessment and Reporting

At Prince William School parents are informed of their child’s progress through a termly academic report.

Students are set target grades and are given termly working at grades. They also receive a grade based on their attitude to learning (ATL).

The documents here explain this process in more detail.


Assessment and Reporting Date  
Y7 to Y11 Flight Path 10th Oct 2019 Download
Y11 Reports 2019 20 10th Oct 2019 Download
Y8 Reports 2019 20 23rd Oct 2019 Download
Y9 Reports 2019 20 11th Nov 2019 Download
Y13 Reports 2019 20 02nd Dec 2019 Download
Y10 Reports 2019 20 11th Dec 2019 Download
Y12 Reports 2019 20 20th Dec 2019 Download
Year 7 Report 1 Letter 20th Dec 2019 Download
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