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Year 9 Options

In Years 10 and 11, the law requires all students to follow courses in:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics and
  • Science

Students also have to have some PE lessons and some RE/Personal, Social and Health Education.  There is information about the GCSE courses in English, Mathematics and Science on pages 2-4 of the booklet below.

Additionally, at Prince William School students study four more subjects.

All students must do at least one of:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Computer Science
  • French or Spanish
  • ASDAN (with approval from the school’s SENDCo) or
  • Work Related and PSHE short courses and, Support (with approval from the school’s SENDCo)

and then three other subjects as listed on the Option Form.

The English Baccalaureate

If students want to attain the English Baccalaureate, they will need to take at least

either History or Geography,


either French or Spanish.

Please note: we offer a ‘free choice’ rather than option ‘columns’, so that a larger majority of students should get their preferred subject combination, but:

  • if numbers are too small, some courses may not run;
  • if numbers are too big, we may have to ask some students to choose a different subject;
  • if a student’s choices don’t fit with the columns created by the subject combinations chosen by the majority, they will be asked to choose a different subject.

It is, therefore, crucial that you put down a reserve choice and be willing to take that subject.


Year 9 Options Date  
Year 9 Options Form 18th Jan 2021 Download
Year 9 Options Booklet 19th Jan 2021 Download
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